Magic and Circus Convention

30th June to 3rd July

The Convention

Juggling clubs is a joint magic and circus skills convention. It will be running over the Saturday and Sunday - with the Friday and Monday set aside for travelling to allow us to pack more in to the time.

Over the weekend there will be

Tickets are now on sale!

Arriving on site

The reg desk opens at 6:30pm on Friday the 30th of June. If you arrive before then, there will be no-one there.

The reg desk can be found using this map once you reach the university

The Boring Bits
( We have to say it )


There is a large indoor hall available for sleeping. Bring sleeping bags and floormats. The room will have hired security overnight, and a member of the convention team will always be present through the day to ensure the security of the room. The cost of this accomodation is included in the ticket price.

The venue is a little outside Lancaster town centre with regular buses, so there are also several hotel options and also nearby campsites (not included in ticket)

On site accomodation space is limited, and unfortunately we cannot allow under 18s to stay on site.

Showers are available at the campus sport centre. They cost 50p to use.

Lost Property

We will not be responsible for lost property. The campus is still open to the public during the convention, so please be aware of where you have left your belongings.

Illegal Substances

We have a zero-tolerance policy on possession or use of illegal substances. Anyone found with any such substance will be required to leave and will not be refunded. The matter will be reported to the police. Campus security will be around all weekend.

Unsurprisingly, this applies to any illegal activity, not just illicit substances.


Under-18s can come. However, they will not be allowed to stay in the on-site accomodation (site rules, not ours, sorry).


Under-5s can come at no cost.


People cannot cook on site but there are numerous food establishments around the campus; please check the options available here


Please do not bring your own alcohol onto the site. There will be a bar open onsite for us to use throughout the event.

Refund Policy

In the event that the convention is cancelled, we will happily refund tickets. Otherwise, we cannot offer refunds.

More Info?

If you're still unsure about something, read the sections below, or check the FAQs.

Any questions you still have can be sent to or check in the Facebook event

Getting Here

This event is being held at Lancaster University - a short way outside of Lancaster. Practice/workshop spaces include three large dance studios that can be opened into one big room as well as seminar rooms for smaller workshops that may require tables and chairs. A large lecture hall is available for sleeping as well (limited spaces).

Staying in Lancaster

There are several Hotels in and around Lancaster, as well as one on-site itself. Prices given are a rough guide, a better deal may be available by contacting them directly or trying city stay booking sites. This list is not exhaustive by any means either.

  • Lancaster House (On-site) (£90)
  • Travel Lodge (£45)
  • Royal Kings Arms Hotel (£45)
  • St Thomas Cottage (£45)

Onsite Parking is free from 6pm Friday until 8am Monday. If you wish to remain parked and leave later on the Monday you will need to pay for the extra time.

Arriving on site

The reg desk opens at 6:30pm on Friday the 30th of June. If you arrive before then, there will be no-one there.

The reg desk can be found using this map once you reach the university

On the Friday evening, we will be having a fire/LED spin so bring along your kit.

Our society Risk Assessment must be followed and a copy of this will be available on the day.

Fire spinning rules:

  • Sensible clothing made of natural fibres must be worn (cotton and denim are good, not polyester)
  • No hairspray
  • You must be able to use the equipment un-lit before you can light it
  • No fire breathing/eating
  • Do not bring your own fuel, we will provide paraffin
  • Fire spinning can only happen at the designated time and place

The fire spin event will be weather dependent.

Anyone acting not in line with the risk assessment or causing danger to themselves or others will not be permitted to spin/continue spinning with fire.

We have lots of space for workshops. If you would like to run a workshop, please send a message to or post in the Facebook event

Our Gala Show will be on Saturday 1st July.

Mark Watson is an accomplished magician, juggler and compere - appearing on stages across the UK for many years. He loves appearing at conventions and has been performing and teaching at them for the past 7 years. He's recently become a member of the world-renowned Magic Circle in London, and at Juggling Clubs he will be debuting his first ever magic lectures.
Our second performer to be announced is Jon Peat! When asked to provide us with some information about his routine, he said it will be a "technical ring juggling routine performed in my own inimitable style". We're all very excited to see what this routine will be!
Our third performer to be announced is Elly! As well as being a member of our Magic and Circus Society at Lancaster, she has been poling for three-and-a-half years. Various titles include 3rd place in the Inter-University Pole Dancing Championships (2015) and 1st place Advanced in Roses (2016). She also qualified for Miss Pole Dance UK (national championship) the following summer at semi-pro level. Elly is an instructor for Inversion Pole Fitness and her favourite style of pole is theatrical – choreographing routines with an element of story to them. She also loves to incorporate circus disciplines into her routines, including contortion, hand-balancing and flow/fire arts.
After learning to juggle and joining Australia's Slipstream Circus at age 6, Joe Fisher has been performing non-stop for the 14 years since. With a unique fusion of world-class technical ability, precise rhythm and upbeat stage presence, he has appeared on stages at circus festivals from New Zealand to The Netherlands, the UK’s Glastonbury Festival, The Falls Festival and as a semi-finalist on Australia’s Got Talent.
Georgie is performing a hat manipulation routine for us! Although she only started juggling two years ago, she fell in love with hat manipulation after seeing her friend use one hat and immediately became obsessed and determined to learn multi-hat tricks. When asked "why hats?", Georgie said that she felt they were just really quirky and interesting. Before learning to juggle, Georgie was an aerialist and she is currently finishing a course at Circomedia!
Kevin Cunliffe has been performing professionally for almost 30 years. He has won many awards, including the Ace magician of the year award several times. Kevin now spends his time performing around the world in order to entertain as many people as he can. He is currently touring the UK with his critically acclaimed illusion show and has recently appeared alongside the Circus of Horrors. He has featured on local radio stations and given advice to be used in both TV and film.
Austin is a PhD student at Loughborough University and a member of FEVER juggling society who will be performing a contact staff routine. He said that he will not be "killing frogs" this time, if you have seen his contact staff act at Lestival already!
I'm not a student, can I come?
Yes! The convention is open to everyone.
I'm under 18, can I come?
Yes you can! Unfortunately you will not be able to stay in the on-site accomodation though.
I can't make the Friday/Monday
No problem. Most of the content of the weekend is on the Saturday and Sunday, the extra days were set aside to allow people to travel so we didn't lose half of the weekend that could have been filled with more convention time.